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Hi, friend!

You have been redirected here from circa1910 Jewelry's previous website. This is the new home of your beloved circa1910, and I do hope you'll take a look around.

This site is called Old Grace Gathering Co. - my brand new online shop filled to the brim with your favorite circa1910 jewelry pieces, vintage home decor, authentic antiques, one-of-a-kind gift items, clothing, leather and so much more!

As my brand grew, I made the big decision to expand into all the pretty things that make my soul sing. Old Grace Gathering Co. is a dream that has been in the works for over 10 years and lies extremely close to my heart. We are now a full online shop with so much more than just jewelry.

In addition to this new shop, we also decided to create an inspiring place for those who long to feel involved and worthy. Our online magazine, The Concrete Theory, is a digital collection of writings and essays that feature the voices of women just like you. We will use this platform to encourage, inform, educate, cheer on and inspire. We hope our articles can spread light and positivity, share kindness and evoke emotions of only the best kind. Make sure you're a member of our email newsletter to know when our newest articles go live!

Thank you kindly for visiting and so long as you're here, kick off your shoes and stay a little while! As you may know from circa1910, you're always welcomed here.





P.S. To view circa1910 jewelry, click below! You can also click the logo in the upper left-hand corner to take you to our home page where you can see all of the items we carry.